The Vampires of Pattaya Beach

Cat woke me up. I immediately looked at my dollar fifty alarm clock. It was twelve noon, with the sun shining through our windows. My little sweetie was jumping up and down like a Mexican jumping bean, spitting and cursing in English and Thai, doing her loco bit at the Polar Inn, a second rate […]

Jessica Anne Schwartz

Jessica Anne Schwartz: Instinctive Formalist

Jessica Anne Schwartz, a purely Left Coast Cali artist, decided, last year, to up and plant herself in the very heart of New York’s Chelsea art district where she maintains a large studio filled with her paintings, drawings and sculptures. No sooner had she landed then she found herself invited to participate in a group […]

Mugged By A Movie Star (Miguel Piñero)

On the Lower East Side in the 1980s, a naive young man finds that copping dope with his friend, the famous playwright, poet and actor (and hardened criminal) Miguel Piñero, ain’t all it’s cracked up to be.

Charles Gatewood vintage photographs

Charles Gatewood Vintage Photographs & Contemporary Collages

“I want to make photographs that kill.” – Charles Gatewood. For over 50 years, Charles Gatewood explored and documented the underbelly of the United States. Please join us for this landmark exhibit by legendary photographer Charles Gatewood at the Ladybug House in San Francisco. Curated by Justin C. Rhody

Best of 2015 – Sensitive Skin More Better Favorites

This was so much fun last year, I thought we’d do it again. (Two of my favorite books of the year were ones I picked up from last year’s list: Station Eleven, by Emily St. John Mandel, recommended by Deborah Pintonelli, and The Wind-Up Bird, by Haruki Murakmi, as recommended by Ron Kolm. Thanks!) So […]

Marine 1–10

A collaboration between Max Blagg and Alex Katz for the Marine Series’ Exhibition Catalogue, Jablonka Gallery, Berlin, 2008. This piece is an excerpt from the forthcoming book, Slow Dazzle: Poems & Prose For 23 Artists, published by Sensitive Skin Books, January 2016, containing 23 texts by Max Blagg with 23 different artists, including Larry Clark, […]

photograph by Dustin Wayne Harris

Beaches in Cornwall, Apples in Devon, A Foot in London

draped Kelp and no lullaby thick sound from deep wonder ritual unconformed to sea sutra canters the silver egg’s path from studio to rocks near shore to ocean soaked tidal pools lady lay day heat mapped exposure turns sea weed to crimson in a dark room near a far shore where the mother’s tongue’s native […]

Santa Barbara–1980 / San Francisco–1982

Santa Barbara–1980 I didn’t have a mattress yet. it had been three months, but I still lay in my room on my dirty clothes, arranged under a fitted sheet. Ron stood in my doorway, leaning against the jamb. He stared at me, idly picking at the skin on his chest underneath a red silk shirt. […]

Love and Strangulation

“Love and Strangulation,” an excerpt from a novel by Carl Watson, with a painting by Stephen Lack, from Sensitive Skin #13.