The Vampires of Pattaya Beach

Cat woke me up. I immediately looked at my dollar fifty alarm clock. It was twelve noon, with the sun shining through our windows. My little sweetie was jumping up and down like a Mexican jumping bean, spitting and cursing in English and Thai, doing her loco bit at the Polar Inn, a second rate […]

L'ecrivain americain Jack Kerouac (1922-1969) et Neil Cassady en 1952 photo prise par Carolyn Cassady -- American writer Jack Kerouac (1922-1969) and Neil Cassady in 1952 photo taken by Carolyn Cassady

The Joan Anderson Letter

In December 1950, Jack Kerouac received the so-called “Joan Anderson letter” from Neal Cassady. Kerouac later said the letter inspired his new writing style in On The Road. Kerouac thought the letter was lost when somebody dropped it over the side of a houseboat in Sausalito. Apparently he was wrong, as the letter was found […]

John Farris at Bowery Poetry Club

John Farris Readings

John Farris – writer, poet, raconteur, curmudgeon, mentor, genius – died last week at his home at the Bullet Space Gallery in NYC’s East Village, where he’d lived since 1992. John was a friend to many, and took us young’uns under his wing back when he was running open mikes at the Neither/Nor Gallery. I’ll […]

Violent Outbursts by Thaddeus Rutkowski: Review

Jim Feast reviews “Violent Outbursts” by Thaddeus Rutkowski, a collection of short fiction, and calls Rutkowski “a writer of major talent” and compares his work to that of Franz Kafka.

Timber at Brownies, NYC 1995

Timber Live At Brownies, NYC, June 1, 1995

Here’s a gem that just resurfaced, a video of the complete performance by Timber live at Brownies, NYC, June 1, 1995. 0:00 Let It Down 5:10 Jam/Belay That 10:47 Anti-Mother-In-Law Car 13:35 Robins Make Eggs Blue 17:10 Bats 20:40 Newly 23:20 Puddle 25:53 Acid Test 29:15 Sugary Peppery 31:30 Bad Education 35:20 Life After Timber […]

Jessica Anne Schwartz

Jessica Anne Schwartz: Instinctive Formalist

Jessica Anne Schwartz, a purely Left Coast Cali artist, decided, last year, to up and plant herself in the very heart of New York’s Chelsea art district where she maintains a large studio filled with her paintings, drawings and sculptures. No sooner had she landed then she found herself invited to participate in a group […]

Sensitive Skin 13 – Table of Contents

Here’s the complete list of all the pieces from our 13th issue, along with the back cover, a collage of mugshots from the collection of Mark Michaelson, submitted for your perusal. If you’d like to support us, please purchase a copy, available here in PDF format here for just $4.95, or get the full-color print […]

Mugged By A Movie Star (Miguel Piñero)

On the Lower East Side in the 1980s, a naive young man finds that copping dope with his friend, the famous playwright, poet and actor (and hardened criminal) Miguel Piñero, ain’t all it’s cracked up to be.

Gun Needle Spoon


San Francisco, July 21, 1996 In the refrigerator are five cakes: carrot, lemon, raspberry swirl, three-layer chocolate, and some kind of tiramisu, or maybe it’s mocha. I can’t tell. Five large, heavily frosted cakes, a slice or two missing from each. Otherwise, the refrigerator is empty. I want a cheeseburger. I want fries. I want […]

Charles Gatewood vintage photographs

Charles Gatewood Vintage Photographs & Contemporary Collages

“I want to make photographs that kill.” – Charles Gatewood. For over 50 years, Charles Gatewood explored and documented the underbelly of the United States. Please join us for this landmark exhibit by legendary photographer Charles Gatewood at the Ladybug House in San Francisco. Curated by Justin C. Rhody