The Earring

Alan Kaufman

I first saw the gold crescent of renegade freedom dangling from the lobe of a nameless hairy hippy Goy, his scrawny, insolent neck bound by a red bandanna. He leaned with outthrust hip of impertinent American coolness against the miniature white plaster-like Arc D’Triumph that looms in meager solemnity over the leafy green, daggered streetlamps… Read more »

Ballad of a Lousy Husband

Joshua Mohr

I should probably tell you more about the night Blue pushed me off the bar because that was really when our marriage ended. Sure, we stayed together another nine, twelve, maybe  fifteen months more, but nothing was ever good again. She stopped thinking it was possible to make me a man, thought that I was… Read more »

Found in Phoenix Cover_TN

Found in Phoenix by Amy Ouzoonian – A Review by Jim Feast

Jim Feast

Found in Phoenix by Amy Ouzoonian (New York: Fly By Night Press, 2014) It’s a good thing Amy Ouzoonian put her name on her new book of poems, short stories and plays, Found in Phoenix, because otherwise a reader would think each of the literary forms was written by a different author. The poems are… Read more »

Caravaggio, Baby

Deborah Pintonelli

I have a date with Henry Henderson. We worked together one long summer canvassing for Greenpeace. Yes, I was one of those annoying young people who stop you on the street when you are rushing to your next appointment. He was hot then, now not so much, looking rather fat but with a very good… Read more »


The 9 Lives of Ray the Cat Jones: A Novel by Stewart Home

Barbara Adair

The 9 Lives of Ray the Cat Jones: A Novel by Stewart Home (Test Centre, 2014) In June 2013 Stewart Home, an (in) famous London author/writer/performer, receives a parcel. There is no return address on it; or a name to indicate who the person who sent it is, but Home is excited for there are… Read more »

Silent Calls


Silent Calls You know how sometimes the phone rings and when you answer it no one’s there? Many of those calls are made by cats. Science Virgin “I’m a science virgin,” said Adele. “I’ve never conducted an experiment!” photograph by Chris Bava Singing Furniture My furniture is singing a tune from Scriabin. Marriage Mistake “My… Read more »


Double – Jim Bove and Matt Renzi

Jim Bove and Matt Renzi

What happens when two friends, Jim Bove and Matt Renzi, who have played together for years walk into the studio with no charts, no plans, no ideas? When “Just GO” is the inspiration? Drummer Jim Bove and sax/oboe player Matt Renzi did exactly that and this new release from Sensitive Skin Music – Double –… Read more »

Ecce Homo – Photographs by Evelyn Bencicova

Evelyn Bencicova

Evelyn Bencicova describes her work as “Behaviour of a vulnerable human body. The expression of human kind in a simplified situation, raised to the surface. Archetypical behavioral patterns of a human in a society, yet not adjusted to the repetition of the previous experience.”


Celia Farber

Anyway I had a goldfish, a common Woolworth’s goldfish, which I brought home in a water filled plastic bag, and somebody, a man named Rick, I think, who worked for my father, said it would be safe to place him in a concrete planter on the terrace, filled with water.


The World of Wrestling

Roland Barthes

The virtue of all-in wrestling is that it is the spectacle of excess. Here we find a grandiloquence which must have been that of ancient theaters. And in fact wrestling is an open-air spectacle, for what makes the circus or the arena what they are is not the sky (a romantic value suited rather to fashionable occasions), it is the drenching and vertical quality of the flood of light. Even hidden in the most squalid Parisian halls, wrestling partakes of the nature of the great solar spectacles, Greek drama and bullfights: in both, a light without shadow generates an emotion without reserve.