Nostalgia and Heartbreak in Kim Gordon’s ‘Girl In A Band’ ­ – A Review

JC Gonzo

I began and finished Kim’s memoir in the NYC subway, catching glimpses of her life and self­reflection between hectic transfers, rushing to make my next engagement. I missed a couple of stops, too focused to be bothered. G​irl In A Band​was engrossing. A photo in the book of Kim riding the subway some decades ago turned reading into an experience.

Poetry Month Release Reading at Bowery Poetry Club, 5-17-15

The Editors

To celebrate the release of Sensitive Skin #12, the Poetry Month special, we had a reading at the Bowery Poetry Club in NYC. About half of the published poets were able to make it. It was a lot of fun, but if you weren’t there, here’s the next best thing. (Thanks to Hal Hirshorn for… Read more »

Poetry Month, 2015

The Editors

Poems by John S. Hall, Bonny Finberg, JD King, Emily XYZ, Marc Olmsted, Jack Micheline, Jose Padua, Michael Randall, Ron Kolm, Pete Simonelli, Sean Flaherty, Bob Holman, Hal Sirowitz, Sparrow, steve dalachinsky, Wanda Phipps, Eddie Woods, Max Blagg, Larissa Shmailo, Rob Hardin, Rebecca Weiner Tompkins, Ron Richardson, Carl Watson, John Farris, David Rattray, Norman Douglas, Sharon Mesmer, Taylor Mead, Michael Carter, Vladimir Mayakovsky.

Art by Rick Prol, Charles Gatewood, Justine Frischmann, Stephen Lack, Justin Clifford Rhody, Marina Loeb, Ruby Ray, Hal Hirshorn, Dennis Gordon, Charles Schick, Ted Barron, Joseph O’Neal, Leslie Hardie, David West, Peter Shear, Evelyn Bencicova, Chris Bava, Tom McGlynn, Clinton King, Samoa Moriki, David de Biasio, Jeff Spirer, Jean-Christian Bourcart, Daniel Kolm, Kym Ghee, Liz Kresch, Jonathan Cowan, John Lurie, and Henner Schroeder.

Back cover: “Barking up the Wrong Tree (LIE)” © Winston Smith 2008


Suspect Device

Michael Carter

for Seamus Heaney In a cold stone cabin In a deserted Cill Rialaig solstice-tide, West wind wailing through drafty rafters, Enounced aloud “Hrothgar Skyldinga” & your Beowulf by turf-light, Huddled in checkered blue Irish wool blankets: Those dragons were real, and Grendel’s Avenging mom an otherworldly force Today in my W.C. scriptorium, See you pensive… Read more »

Flack from Taylor

Taylor Mead

A President who makes war Against and on Behalf of the Worst of the Arab world. Who sells the country to the Japanese government and its subsidized corporations. Who is a mealy-mouthed lying bastard Banker. Who doesn’t give a shit for his dog except as a vote-getter. Welcome to 1992— Mayor Dinkins, who is a… Read more »

I’ve Got My Shiny Kitten

Sharon Mesmer

— for Yun Peng Hell yeah I’m skinny. My body is COVERED in skin! But I’ve got my shiny kitten and I am not the same person I used to be. Shopping naked with my shiny kitten is like finding out that Beyoncé is experiencing a powerful yearning to cram my gullet full of Richard… Read more »


off on grand boulevard

Norman Douglas

1. fuck you fuck you fuck you scribbled the self- proclaimed, officially acclaimed, pharmaceutically addle-brained bourgeois poet in morning electric’s light. okay, i added the burgher bit because i’m talking city mouse stalking across town & country mouse, screaming at the wind screen all that streaming text one crazy-making dream. 2. even now, i feel… Read more »

The Viewing

David Rattray

The wife spoke to me by name: “Thanks so much for coming, David.” Some didn’t want to see him. One wouldn’t even go in. I did. I touched his hand. It was as if he were only sleeping, soft and warm. I never felt one so lifelike. They’ve come a long way. After a bit,… Read more »