Robert Frank and June Leaf

A Visit with June Leaf and Robert Frank

On a particular February 2011, afternoon, I spent part of the day in June Leaf’s studio, watching her work, and listening to her talk about her work. As I sat in a wooden office chair, I watched Leaf busily untangling some strands of stiff wire with her bare hands. The wire was pinched in a […]

The Red Wheelbarrow

so much depends upon a red wheel barrow glazed with rain water beside the white chickens.   –William Carlos Williams

A Child of Storm poems by Michael J. Wilson

Four Poems from Child of Storm

Four poems from the new collection by Michael J. Wilson, from Stalking Horse Press, covering everything from 9/11 to Nikolai Tesla to bark.

Mink Stole

Gregory loved Cookie Mueller. Cookie loved John Waters. John Waters loved Mink Stole. I was in a pub called Beggars Bush in Ubud, Bali, in 1989, when the guy sitting next to me told me Cookie died. I finished my beer and tried to figure out a 2,000 percent tip. I gave up and threw […]

New Jersey Me by Rich Ferguson

New Jersey Me

Jimmy and I drifted through the circus crowd on a magic carpet combo of weed, brews, Jimmy’s mom’s codeine cough medicine, and the downers I’d swiped from my mom’s medicine cabinet. All around us laughter and merry-go-round sounds filled the air with a lively music. Lion roars and trumpeting elephants made us feel like we’d […]

A Simple Blues with a Few Intangibles by George Wallace

A Simple Blues with a Few Intangibles
by George Wallace – Review

George Wallace is a PostBeat poet.   As defined by the ground-breaking Whitney Museum show of 1995, the era of 1950 to 1965 can be considered to be the time brackets of realized Beat art, literature and film.    In spite of the “Beat is an on-going state of mind” viewpoint,  PostBeat, already absorbed into the […]

Guardian Angels? & Other Poems

guardian angels? a pistol is held to your forehead in a bosky alley of the night you search for the face behind the hand as you wait for the click of the trigger instead you see the hand holding the gun pull back you take a deep breath and when your lungs fill up with […]

Poor Dumb Bum

I was fucking Rosie Fox on a pool table in the basement of a Lower East Side club called Quando. Rosie’s miniskirt was hiked to her waist, her panties were somewhere on the floor, her ass was positioned over the side pocket like a giant white cue ball, with her legs spread on either side […]

The Last Good Year

The house felt like Christmas, at least that’s all young Louie Laszlo could think to compare it to. Mama made a special dinner, cleaned the house more thoroughly than her nurse’s job usually allowed, and lit the scented candles. All of this was unprecedented for a midsummer’s eve, but in his trusting youth Louie had […]

Itinerant Architectures

Itinerant Architectures

Itinerant Architectures is a series of sculpture, installations, architectural interventions and site-specific works. Drawing on ideas of the nomadic, the transient, opportunism and frontierism, it considers domestic civilization that springs up on the fringe of the wild. The sculpture series is constructed from junked mobile home trailers, taking what was architectural space and rendering it into abstract form.